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BJP Demands CBI To Summon Mamata For Kalimpong Meeting With Sudipto

2015-02-04 00:35

Dhubulia (Nadia), Jan. 31: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday has demanded that Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should immediately summon Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee for interrogation in connection with the Sardha probe. The party leadership thinks that if Trinamul Congress all India general secretary Mukul Roy can be summoned for interrogation to inquire about a ‘specific’ meeting in Kalimpong between Sardha boss Sudipto Sen and top Trinamul leadership, the Bengal chief minister should also be summoned for interrogation to know about the Sardha’s money trail because she was present there

Making the demand in categorical term before media persons in Nadia’s Dhubulia near Krishnanagar, BJP’s National secretary and party’s Bengal minder Siddharth Nath Singh said: “There cannot be two yardsticks to summon a person in connection with the Sardha probe. The CBI should follow the same yardstick to summon Mamata Banerjee which it has applied to summon Mukul Roy. If the meeting in Kalimpong is the basis behind the CBI summons to Mukul Roy for interrogation, the Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee should also be summoned for interrogation as she was present in that meeting”.

“Mukul Roy aur koi bhi doshi ho sardha chit fund scam mein, aur bahut akin ke saath bulya unhe, aur media ke madhyam se pata chalta hain ke, ek ehem issue tha uskey upar Sudipto Sen aur Kunal Ghosh ne kaha tha, ke Mukul aur Mamata ke bich meeting huyi thi Kalimpong mein, woh ek issue hain jiske liye Mukul Roy ko bulaya hain … bahut achcha, yeh kaam hona chahiye…interrogation ka kaam, magar wohi yardstick banta hain Mamata Banerjee ko summon karney ki by CBI”, Sing said.

“In all fairness, the BJP demands that the same yardstick should be applied to Mamata Banerjee and Mamata Banerjee should also be summoned for interrogation to know – ki unkey kya sambandh hain Sardha chit fund company se aur woh jo money trail hain woh kahan hain aur kahan taq gaya hain, So we demand it from CBI”, Singh said reiterating demand for a summon to the Bengal chief minister.

Singh also said that the CBI should “wrap up” the investigation and “arrest” the persons involved into the scam.

“A fair investigation is going on in the right direction. We would appeal before the CBI that it should wrap up the investigation fast, arrest  the persons involved, file the chargesheet and put the guilt behind the bar. It is good that Mukul Roy told nothing against CBI yesterday, which means he is satisfied with the investigation despite going to the Supreme court to lodge a case against it. So the CBI should consider summoning the Bengal chief minister fast”, Singh added.

“Mukul Roy bahar aakar CBI ka fair investigation ka pusti kiya hain. He is No. 2 in TMC, aab Mukul Roy to TMC ka khilaf bol raha hain”, he said.

Singh, who came to Nadia to inaugurate a BJP office in Krishnaganj town, which would go for a bye poll on February 13, however, ruled out speculation about an ‘understanding’ with Mukul Roy, despite terming him a ‘Bagi’ (rebel) in Trinamul Congress.

“Koi chor hain aur agaya hamari mandir ko kharap karney ke liye, yeh nehi ho sakta”, he said replying to a question on possibility of Mukul Roy joining BJP.

Replying to another question on accepting any person from other political parties many party workers had even asked Amit Shah in Burdwan meeting, Singh said: “We are trying best to choose persons from other parties, but in case we do mistake and any such persons joined with criminal background or tainted image, the party would admit the mistake openly and ensure that he is not within the party. We will make him resigned”.

The BJP National secretary, who appears to be euphoric about Mukul Roy’s “cooperation” with CBI during the Friday’s interrogation, notwithstanding ruled out that the BJP is depending on ‘Civil War” unleashed by the “rebels’ in Trinamul Congress.

Indicating that Mukul Roy has turned a rebel in TMC, Singh said: “TMC ka 3M se ek bagi ho gaya hain, aur isiliye jo TMC ka No. 2 hota tha, right hand of Mamata Banerjee, jab who CBI daftar se kaal bahar nikalta hain to Nabanna mein baithi huyi Mamta Banerjee, unki muskurahat ko dekhti huyi rona suru kar deti hain ke ek jo M hain woh bagi ho gaya hain…aur yeh karan hain ke jis M ko Mamata Banerjee ke naam ke elawa kuch samajh mein nehi tha usne kaal ek dafa bhi unke naam bahar aakey nehi liya aur Nabanna jana nehi samjha, aur usney bhi ek tarhasey certificate de diya ke CBI kisi ke dabao mein kaam nehi kar raha hain. Aab yeh TMC ke andar ek prakar civil war khul chukka hain, aur us civil war ke andar Bagiyon ka list bartey ja aha hain. Dinesh Trivedi, Sugat Basu, Bandopadhaya, Suvendu adhikary aur unke pitaji, ek Hazra...aab yeh dekhna hain ke Bagi real TYC banta hain na no real TMC woh Bagi TMC ho jati hain”.

“Nevertheless, the BJP is not all bothered about what Mukul Roy and others are doing within Trinamul. It is the problem of TMC to handle Mukul Roy. To us only importing thing is the investigation which should be wrapped up quickly. We are concentrating on our own programmes to develop support base and we see golden chances even Congress joins hand with Trinamul in 2016. It would help us more”, he added.  

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