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Biman Calls CM 'Intolerant', Accuses Her Of 'Insincere" Statement

2015-11-29 23:11


Jagulia, Nov. 29: Left front chairman Biman Bose has alleged that chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s instruction to her party workers not to attack the opposition activists is just an‘insincere’ statement made to mislead people. Bose claimed that such statement has no credibility as it has been uttered by one of most intolerant persons who have been trying to suppress every protesting voice since coming to power.

Bose said: “An instruction from an intolerant person like Mamata Banerjee means just the opposite to her party men. If she asked party workers to stop violence, they do it more. In many occasions it has been proved so. So her instruction asking the party men to behave in restrained manner has no credibility at all”.

Bose said: “Uni akromon bandho kortey bolley dekha gyachey, akromon aro beshi hoyechey”.

The elderly Left front chairman said this while replying a question asked on chief minister Mamata Banerjee instruction to her party workers not to attack the opposition. Bose was walking in a rally organized Bengal platform of mass organizations in Nadia’s Haringhata on Sunday.

In last week CPI (M) state secretary Surjakanta Mishra was attacked at his home constituency allegedly by the CPI (M) activists during a rally. A day later CPI (M) leaders were brutally assaulted in Birbhum while organising a similar rally too.

On Sunday morning Bose walked around 10 km in Haringhata constituency where the left support bases ceased of its existence in the wake alleged repeated attack by Trinamul workers. In the afternoon he also walked around 5 km in Gayeshpur area of Kalyani constituency where in the recently held Municipal election, the opposition supporters were not even allowed to vote.

Criticizing the chief minister’s instruction to her party leaders of West Midnapur which she made at a party meeting at her residence on Saturday.

“Actually she wants to convey a message to the public that she does not want her party workers attack opposition, but in reality she does the opposite”, Bose alleged.

“Asoley uni toley toley bole dichchen tora bhalo korey polish kor”, Bose added.

Bose alleged that the contradiction became clear once again yesterday when Trinamul MP Subhendu Adhikary in Bolpur categorically said that the CPI (M) leaders deserve a ‘treatment’ from the people.

“The chief minister and her party leaders have been deliberately trying to create a confusion in the peoples’ mind”, Bose claimed.

Bose said: “Kal Trinamul netri jakhan bolechen esob ki hochchey, birodhira meeting michil korbey, takhan kalkei oder doler ek sangsod bolechen pitiye lassh korey dao. Tar maney eigulo manusher modhdhey dadha toiri karar jannyo bala hochchey”.

The senior CPI (M) leader think that if the chief minister is at all ‘sincere’ in her approach and want to give space to the opposition, she should first stop implicating the opposition activists in false police cases.

“A large number of political activists have been languishing in false cases. If she is sincere and has respect for democracy she should first withdraw these cases. But we know she has least respect for democracy in reality. There is wide difference in what she says and does. She often raises voice for democracy but never follows the democratic process. She is the most intolerant politician”

Bose also flayed the chief minister for her sudden announcement on four new districts in Basirhat last week.

“She told the opposition that decision on creating new districts would be taken in all party meeting. But no such meeting was held; at least no opposition was invited to that meeting. May be she talked only to her party leaders and announced four new districts”, Bose alleged.

Meanwhile, replying to a question about joining hands with any rightist party or platform likely to be floated by Trinamul rebels before the ensuing assembly election, Bose said: “Talks on poll alliance will begin in January next year only after end of the party plenum scheduled in Calcutta”.

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