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Beaten Up By Sons Dulali Returns To Saktinagar Hospital

2015-06-15 22:14

7Dulali being welcomed by nurse at Saktinagar district hospital. Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Krishnanagar, June 15: Happiness did not last long for Dulali Saha. Fate separated from her two sons eight years ago after an accident, but on Monday she compelled leave her sons being tortured.

The 56 year old widow from Bohar village of Burdwan’s Memari, who was reunited with her sons after eight years at Saktinagar district hospital in Krishnanagar on May 29 and went her home with them, was compelled to return to the hospital in Nadia on Monday to save her life.

Dulali’s two sons – Pranab and Manab, both share croppers by profession, who took her back home, had allegedly beaten up her brutally and shoved off home, apparently over a property tussle.

Chapra Manab Kalyan Sanstha, a voluntary organization which  traced out her sons in last month and had arranged the reunion, brought her back to Krishnanagar and re-admitted her to Saktinagar district hospital on Monday where she was admitted for about eight years until May 29.

The Manab Kalyan members often visit the district hospital and donate clothes and food to the psychiatry ward patients.

Responding to an appeal made by the members of the Chapra Manab Kalyan Sanstha, superintendant of Saktinagar district hospital Himadri Halder agreed to readmit Dulali, a patient of amnesia, who has sustained multiple injuries all over her bodies being beaten up by her sons.

On Monday morning accompanied by neighbors and members of the organization Dulali was reunited with inmates at the hospital’s psychiatric ward, where she was with three other women

She was welcomed by Hamida Biwi and others. Dulali hugged them, but could not recall them properly. She just said: "Tumi kothay thako". 

The organisation members said, it appears that the problem of amnesia once again developed during past week of torture. "She was hit on her head on several occasions, which came to from neighbors", a member of the organisation said.

Hospital superintendant Himadri Halder said.“We are shocked that her sons who assured us of taking her care could treated her in this way. She has sustained injuries, so we have admitted her. She can stay here further as she was here earlier as a patient of amnesia. The members of the voluntary organization appealed me to allow her to stay here as she has literally no other place to stay. We have no problem if she remained here as a patient here”, 

Dulali’s recent doom came to light on last Thursday when the member of the Chapra Manab Kalyan Sanstha paid a visit to her home in Memari with some food and cloths for her.

Debdulal Biswas, treasurer of the organization, said: “On last Thursday we were shocked to see her at her home in Memari when we arrived there on a follow up enquiry. We found her lying ill at the corridor. She was bleeding from a wound on her head and forehead. There were other injury marks on her body. She was speaking inconsistently. We inquired from neighbors and came to know that her two sons regularly beat her up since she returned home. Off late, the neighbors became angry and rescued her. The neighbors had also beaten the two brothers in last week and since then they went absconding.

“Seeing her condition we decided to readmit her to Saktinagar hospital, otherwise she could be killed by her sons. We initially kept her at shelter of a neighbor, given medicine and food and some money for her care. Later after returning to Krishnanagar, we requested the super to readmit her there. He agreed and on Monday we brought her back to the hospital”, said Biswas.

Ward Master Prasanta Bhattacharjee said: “Her condition is not very good. She has fever and injuries. Moreover, the symptoms of amnesia once again appeared to have developed in her. We have started medication”.

Dulali’s neighbor in Bohar – Sandhya Das and Mira Saha, who came to Krishnanagar along with her, said: “After she returned home, her two sons behave well for first few days. But later they started beating up her. They did not give her proper food and required medication. As a result the amnesia once again engulfed her. We rescued her on last Wednesday when her sons were beating her with broomsticks.  The neighbors became angry and had beaten up the two brothers who since then left home. It is not clear to us why they beaten up her, but it appeared that the sons think that Dulali had lands in her name, which they want”.

Earlier during September 2007, Dulali was brought to the Saktinagar hospital after a road accident. The bus in which she was travelling hit another, and Dulali's head and legs were injured.

A doctor at the hospital said: "She seemed to have lost her memory and her sons could not find her. But the Chapra Manab Kalyan Sanstha took the initiative and reunited with her family." Showing unique kindness, the hospital authorities looked after her and took extreme care during her 8 years stay.

These eight years, Dulali and her sons had lived barely 50km apart. Nadia, where the hospital is, and Burdwan, where the sons live, are neighboring districts. But Dulali's near loss of memory came in the way.

However, early last month she regained her memory and provided the organization members her home address, who traced out her sons. On May 20, the month and the sons were reunited. 

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