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Artiste Pays Tribute To Mahasweta Devi

2016-08-01 13:39

Artiste Sujit Mondal drawing sketches of late author Mahasweta Devi Picture by Abhi Ghosh

An ardent fan of works of author Mahasweta Devi and her social initiative, Sujit Mondal (35), an artiste from Ranaghat Siddheswari Tala lane on Monday paid tribute to the demised author in own way. As an artist, to whom, human faces are the most fascinating subject, Sujit portrayed 90-sketches of the author in different moods.

Why 90 sketches? “She died at the age of 90. So I decided to draw a sketch as a tribute to each of the years of her life”, said Sujit, who runs a drawing school titled ‘Canvas’.

On Monday Sujit started from 9am and completed the 90 sketches by 6pm as planned. The sketches were drawn on white art papers using a simple ball pointed pen of black ink.

Sujit, who never gone through any formal art training said: “I like Mahasweta Devi very much. She was a great writer and great human being too. As she proved this in her works like Hazar Churasir Maa, Arannyer Adhikar, Titumir, I found her in similar gesture when she fought for the under privileged people. She was a woman, but a strong protagonist that made her very fascinating character to me”. “Her death came as a big shock to me. To me it was death of an artist, who also portrayed human character in different forms.  So I thought to pay tribute to her in my way”, said Sujit.

In last year Sujit earned accolades when he penned nine sketches of demised film director Rituparno Ghosh for chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s poem “Ritu-Raaj”. The poem, which was a tribute to the film director by the chief minister was published in the festival issue of a Bengali magazine.

Picture by Abhi Ghosh

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