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Abandoned New Born Baby Stolen From Haringhata Hospital

2015-09-12 21:20

The locals blocked road in Haringhata Picture by Biswajit Debnath

The abandoned baby at Haringhata block hospital with the woman who wanted to adopt her. Picture by BISWAJIT DEBNATH


Haringhata, Sept. 12: Police started a case of theft after some unidentified miscreants had allegedly stolen a 15-days old male baby from Haringhata block hospital on Saturday afternoon, which was admitted to the hospital by local villagers being found abandoned after birth.

Earlier on the day, local residents in Mollabelia-Phastala area blocked the Haringhata-Jagulia road for five hours demanding that the child be handed over to a local childless couple, who first found the baby and has since been taking parental care of the baby at the hospital.

Hospital superintendant Bidyut Gayen has lodged a complaint at the Jagulia police outpost under Haringhata police station later in the afternoon. However, till report came in the child could not be traced out.

“It was around 2.30 Pm some youths came in a care at the hospital. They entered inside the ward and whisked away the child within few minutes. The health workers raised an alert. I rushed to the ward and seen that some youths were running fast with the baby. I also gave them a chase, but they managed to flee in the car”, the hospital super said. 

According to local sources, on August 30, Parimala-Tapashi Mullick, a childless couple for last 13 years, found the new born baby in a bush in Phastatala area of Haringhata.

They informed the police and the baby was later admitted to the Haringhata block hospital. Since the day, Tapashi remained with the baby at the hospital.

“It appeared that we have been blessed by the God with this child. So we were taking his care round the clock at the hospital. We also appealed the administration to allow us formally to adopt the baby. But, it was denied as they said that existing adoption law has no such provision to handover the baby to us”, said Tapashi Mullick.

Parimal Mullick, a farmer by profession, said: “I ran from pillar to post begging before the administration for the baby. I was asked to appeal online”.

An official of Haringhata block administration said: “The adoption law does not permit us to handover the baby instantly on demand by anybody. We tried to convince the couple and the local villagers who were also quite sympathetic with them and demanding that the baby be handed over to the childless couple. However, unfortunately they refused to be buying our points”.

The denial of the administration irked the locals after the couple got final disapproval on yesterday from district magistrate’s office.

Irked villagers on Saturday blocked the Haringhata – Jagulia road by five hours. However, none from the local administration persuaded the villagers to withdraw the blockade. Finding no response, the angry villagers had withdrawn the blockade at about 2 PM.

“It was quite shocking that none from local administration came to listen to our demand. We just wanted that administration to act in a humane way, but they ignored us”, said a local.

After that a section of the angry villagers rushed to the hospital and whisked away the baby from there.

Sub divisional officer of Kalyani Swapan Kundu said: “I have heard about the incident and sought a report from BMOH and BDO of Haringhata”

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